Business Master Program: Field of Study “Real Estate Expert and e-Properties” for entrepreneurs & Real Estate CEOs (Duration: 5 months)

Klaus Veliu
Last Update December 23, 2023
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About This Course

Real Estate and E-Property Expert Program (5 months) – Training for Entrepreneurs and Executives is a multidimensional training program of 5 months duration (41 classes) designed for entrepreneurs and executives looking to excel and invest in the real estate sector.

This in-depth program covers everything from property listings and appraisals to the intricacies of real estate law, providing a multidimensional training experience.

The training equips you with the various skills and competencies (including managerial, marketing, financial, sales, etc.) for a successful business career in real estate, from traditional relationships to digital platforms.


Key difference between the 3 and 5 months program:

The 3-month programs are integral parts of the 5-month curriculum, offering a path to developing critical competencies and skills. They are sufficiently comprehensive for professionals seeking to enhance their capabilities in specific business areas or roles.
In contrast, the 5-month programs offer a more extensive and holistic educational journey, suitable for those aiming for a broader understanding and skill set applicable to a wider range of business environments and leadership positions.
In summary, while both program durations at GEA academy offer a robust educational experience, the choice between them depends on one’s career aspirations, desired level of expertise, and the specific sector they wish to excel in.

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Duration 82 hours
Enrollment validity: Lifetime
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